Portal reviewed on The Naturalist’s Bookshelf podcast

Paddy Woodworth finds room for Irish photographer, Tina Claffey’s volume of macro images, Portal, on his ideal bookshelf

Portal reviewed in The Irish Catholic newspaper!

Peter Costello Books Editor of The Irish Catholic newspaper praises photography book Portal.

50 Best Irish Walks reviewed in Ireland Mountain Log

A glowing review of John G. O’Dwyer’s 50 Best Irish Walks by Nicky Hore Features Editor of the Irish Mountain Log.

Spotlight on ‘Dublin: A Photographic Essay’ by Eddie Mallin

Dublin’s Fair City seen through the lens of photographer Eddie Mallin.

The captivating beauty of Ireland’s wetlands

Our pick of the best images of Ireland’s bogs and wetlands from Tina Claffey’s new book, Portal.

The ideal starter pack for Irish mythology this summer

Your go to books to discover Irish mythology this summer!

Our picks for the perfect summer staycation!

The best hidden gems of the Irish countryside for your summer holidays.

Five facts about bees!

For World Bee Day 2022, it’s important that we appreciate all of the good that these little insects have done for this planet. Bees are vital to the health of our environment, they pollinate plants and flowers so that fruit and vegetables can grow. In fact, bees pollinate over 90% of the world’s food producing […]

The best hikes in Ireland!

Looking to get healthier for the summer or just get out there and explore our beautiful country? Why not head out walking and see the wildlife in some nice weather. There’s no better way to start than by walking. Ireland has some stunning scenery and there are plenty of tracks and trails that showcase the […]

The important role of Irish bogs and wetlands on our climate’s health

In Ireland, we often take our bogs and wetlands for granted. They cover over 5% of our island, they form some of Europe’s oldest near-natural eco-systems dating over 10,000 years. Over 50% of Europe’s bogs are in Ireland and we possess 8% of the world’s blanket bogs. Irish rural cultural heritage is intertwined with these […]

Five incredible Irish people to remember for World Heritage Day

With the Easter weekend just gone, World Heritage Day 2022 is probably not the first thing on your mind after all that chocolate, but it’s nice to honour fellow Irishmen and Irishwomen who have changed this planet for the better. Irish people have made significant contributions to world science, art, and literature and there are […]

Staff picks from Currach Books’ spring sale!

Currach Books' spring sale is running until the 18th of April and there are plenty of great titles still available. Whether you're interested in Irish geography, literature or history we've got it! The below books are the cream of the crop from our sale, picked out by our staff members as their favourites. As a [...]

Banshee Rising author helps Ukrainian refugees arriving in Ireland

Dear reader, My name is Riley Cain and I am an author and poet from Dublin, Ireland. Inspired by my nieces and nephews, I decided to write books for children ages 8 and up. I have published two books to date – The Halloween House, a collection of poems, and more recently a full-length novel […]

Mnáwesome! Celebrating writers and artists

For International Women’s Day we at Currach Books are celebrating our women authors and illustrators and showcasing books written by some very inspiring ladies. Today is a social, cultural and political salute to the many achievements of women. In the field of writing women have always showcased their strengths and fought hard for their opportunities […]

Squeeze in a Read this National Reading Day!

Books are beneficial in many ways and reading can be highly valuable for children. The advantages of reading are numerous and nurturing a love of reading for your little ones can help them with their literacy, general knowledge, cognitive skills and even their sleep. Take them on a grand adventure with amazing heroes or on […]

Encourage the love of reading among family and friends

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner we know all too well that it can be a little bit over the top for those of us who shy away from the big public displays of affection. Although a beautiful celebration of a couple’s love, it’s a day that a lot of people dislike because most […]

Exciting Spring Releases!

With good weather just around the corner, it’s time to shake off those winter blues and look forward to the brightness of spring. Currach Books is delighted to offer readers a sneak peak of our exciting new titles available for pre-order now.   50 Best Irish Walks John G. O’Dwyer (€14.99)   What better way […]

A Robin’s Tale author interviewed for Longford Leader

Noelle Rock explains her inspiration for ‘A Robin’s Tale’ and how the illustrations help lighten the theme

Author Noelle Rock interviewed by Irish Examiner

“What inspired you to write A Robin’s Tale?” Author Noelle Rock answers the question.

Currach Books titles included in 2021 Christmas reading guide!

Children’s Books Ireland includes A Robin’s Tale and Banshee Rising in this seasons’ guide

12 Days of Christmas – Our Children’s Selection

For the 1st day of Christmas, we present our Children’s selection – The Enchanted Lake

12 Days of Christmas – Our Climate Awareness Selection

For the 2nd day of Christmas, we present our Climate Awareness selection – A Dangerous Visionary

12 Days of Christmas – Our Mindfulness Selection

For the 3rd day of Christmas, we present our Mindfulness selection – Love Life

12 Days of Christmas – Our Young Adults Selection

For the 4th day of Christmas, we present our Young Adult selection – Banshee Rising

12 Days of Christmas – Our Photography Selection

For the 5th day of Christmas, we present our Photography selection – Edge of Light

12 Days of Christmas – Our Art Selection

For the 6th day of Christmas, we present our Art selection – Achill Island

12 Days of Christmas – Our Good Health selection

For the 7th day of Christmas, we present our Good Health selection – Fears, Phobias and Fantasies

12 Days of Christmas – Our Biography selection

For the 8th day of Christmas, we present our Biography selection – Yours ‘Til Hell Freezes

12 Days of Christmas – Our History selection

For the 9th day of Christmas, we present our History selection – All the Risings

12 Days of Christmas – Our Culture Selection

For the 10th day of Christmas, we present our Culture selection – Gaeilge: A Radical Revolution

12 Days of Christmas – Our Green Selection

For the 11th day of Christmas, we present our Green selection – The Bee’s Knees

12 Days of Christmas – Our Poetry Selection

For the 12th day of Christmas, we present our Poetry selection – A Farewell to Poetry

Psychiatrist says over-discussing mental health is a ‘double-edged sword’

Prof. Patricia Casey explains why de-stigmatisation of mental health is a ‘double-edged sword’.

Considering a Psychiatric Consultation? Prof. Casey takes us through the process

Prof. Casey gives readers an overview of how the Irish Psychiatric services function

The Lived Experience – Thoughts out of control

An inside look at the diagnosis and treatment of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) in a case vignette

Independent.ie feature Prof. Casey and her new book on mental health

Prof. Casey speaks from years of experience on the topic of personality disorders

Business tycoon Eddie O’Connor reveals journey of success in ‘A Dangerous Visionary’

An exclusive extract from Eddie O’Connor’s autobiography ‘A Dangerous Visionary’

The Lived Experience – A diagnosis of ADHD in an adult

An inside look at the diagnosis and treatment of Adult ADHD in a case vignette

Celebrate Epilepsy Week with John Scally’s collection of beautiful thoughts!

An exclusive extract from Beautiful Thoughts for Beautiful Minds  to mark Epilepsy Week

This Earth Day, let’s pledge to save our bees

It’s Earth Day! Let’s read up on bees and their swarming ways!

Experience Ireland through photographs

Explore our range of photography books depicting Ireland in all its beauty

Éire or Irelandshire

In this extract, the author asks two important questions when it comes to Irish language – Could it be revived? Should it be revived?

Bonding over the love of reading!

Celebrate mother’s day by bonding with your children over love of reading!

Reading as a routine

How to ensure books are a part of your child’s routine!

Ways to Foster a Love of Reading: E-books vs. physical books

What is the best way for your child to read a book? I would say that it doesn’t matter how they read books just so long as they’re reading.

O’Connor to share secrets of success in new biography

The Independent breaks news of businessman Eddie O’Connor’s new book

Books to get you in the holiday spirit!

Trying to find the ultimate Christmas gift can be difficult, especially for our loved ones. Whether they have a budding interest in photography, get lost in folk tales, or are fascinated by history, Currach Books has a variety of genres for the dedicated bibliophiles in your life. Here is our essential guide to the best […]

In the Footsteps of a Saint

An exclusive excerpt from Wild Stories from the Irish Uplands by John G. O’Dwyer Nobody else has influenced Irish lives so profoundly. Celebrated in more countries than any other, his feast day has morphed into an international event that involves the greening of hundreds of the world’s most iconic locations. Andrew, George and David, the […]

Need some staycation inspiration? We’re here to help!

The summer of 2020 will be recorded in the annals of history as one of enormous social upheaval. Nearly every one of us has been affected in one way or another. And now at the tail-end of summer, with the repercussions of the global pandemic still making waves, we are forced to accept failed vacations […]

Urban Bee Scene

Chapter 16: Dublin City Hives The Bee’s Knees by James Morrissey Honeybees are as sensitive to good property management as any two-legged tenants might be. That’s one reason why the work of the ‘Schwarmfänger’, a network of swarm-catchers in the German capital, Berlin, attracted the recent interest of The New York Times. ‘We have too many […]

The perfect summer reads – now on sale!

Ireland doesn’t exactly have a reliable summer but the observable increase in temperatures, the lowered frequency of rain and wind spells, and the relaxing schedule, both at work and the social calendar, are clear indications that the season to unwind is here! With the pandemic under control (at the moment!) we are all heading out […]

Rick Riordan gives thumbs up to Mythical Irish Beasts

Most of us grew up reading Percy Jackson’s adventures and then watching (a little disappointingly) the movie adaptations as well. The world of Greek mythology has been transformed by the great mind of Mr Riordan who brought the Gods and monsters to children across the world in an exciting new genre. You can imagine how […]

To Bee or not to Bee

We all know bees as flying insects that go buzzzzzzz. They live in large colonies in hives that hang from trees and buildings and they have nasty stingers on their backsides that they can sting you with. We are taught from a young age to not disturb bee hives and run if we hear a […]

Let’s Celebrate Poetry Day Ireland with the Bard

As we celebrate Poetry Day Ireland today, the country is in lockdown, life as we have known it has changed beyond recognition, and the future is full of uncertainty and anxiety. So many of us are looking to delve into books to escape our bleak reality, finding solace in the words of novelists and poets. […]

Fascinating eBooks on SALE for April!

The current pandemic requires us to stay at home not just for our own health, but also that of our society at large. We are at the mercy of delivery services, thankful that the supermarkets and takeaway eateries are taking our orders for basic necessities and delivering them speedily. So that takes care of our […]

Six thoughtful gifts for Mom this March

With all of the turmoil currently making its way around the globe, it’s important that we still foster positivity and strength. Great gifts for that special woman in your life are often thoughtful and personal and a good book is always a wonderful choice as a present. From poetry, writing, and art these uplifting titles […]

Celebrate World Book Day with Currach Books!

Happy Word Book Day to all our readers! Currach books has always strived to publish books that are different from the norm. We have previously published beautiful books that showcase the hidden magic of Ireland and it’s nature and culture; informative books that reveal the history of this tiny island and it’s inhabitants; and engaging […]

Let’s celebrate the culture of the ‘Emerald Isle’!

As the month of St Patrick’s Day and of celebrations of Irish culture all over the world, March is the perfect time of year to learn more about our beautiful island, its culture, and the people that make it so special. We’ve curated a list of books that illustrate the positive impact the land of […]

Celebrate the ‘City of the Tribes’ Galway as European Capital of Culture 2020

From the Claddagh to the Arts Festival and Macnas, Galway is the crown jewel of Irish culture and has long been held as a bastion of the Irish language, Gaelic games and art, and traditional song and dance. It should come as no surprise then that this year the vibrant city has been designated European […]

Discover Ireland’s Beauty with our pictorial collections

We all know heading back to work after the long Christmas break is the worst! It is dark outside, the winds are chilly, and Christmas is nearly a year away! Moods plunge, motivations are lost, and the resolutions you made for the new year become difficult to achieve. January is meant to be the month […]

Our Top 5 Picks for Christmas!

With Christmas just around the corner, Currach Books presents its curated list of books to make your search for a perfect gift easier! We strive to publish books of Irish interest that present the rich history of the island and its ever-changing socio-political landscape in a way that captures the interest of not just the […]

Halloween Special – Excerpts from ‘Real Irish Ghost Stories’ by Paul Fennell

What you are  now we used to be. What we are now you will be. – Capuchin Cemetery, Rome Today is Halloween, or Oíche Shamhna, and what better way to observe it than read paranormal investigator Paul Fennell’s spine-chilling stories of otherworldly encounters of real people and families across Ireland! Let’s start with the author’s own […]

Loving books this International Literacy Day

When reading turns into a passion for book collecting

Discover adorable dogs native to Ireland

Celebrate International Dog day with these furry friends

Looking at Ireland through the lens

Celebrate World Photography Day with these images

Mythical beasts you may not have heard of before

A peak inside our beautifully illustrated book by Mark Joyce

What is the future for the Irish Language?

Caoimhín De Barra explores the past, present and future of an Ghaeilge

Ageing joyfully with Catherine McCann

Explore happiness in older age this Happiness Happens Month

A unique insight into nineteenth century life

Elizabeth Dillon provides a glimpse into life for Victorian women

Irish heroes you should know about

Learn about those who influenced the world we know today.

Irish History: not a lesson but a culture

Learn something about Ireland that they didn’t teach you in school

Have quality time with family through books

Bond over books with topics on history, dogs, music and more!

A Gallery of Galway and local tales

Immerse yourself in an illustrated guide to the City of Tribes

Experience Ireland through its poetry

Immerse yourself in the world of verse with these Irish poems

Discover Ireland with our summer reads

Let our authors take you on a summer adventure through photos and words

Capturing the many moods of Achill Island

The unique light of the island through the eyes of Sean Cannon

Step into a past era: Dublin in the 1960s

Picture the past with Bill Hogan’s A Different Dublin

Top Bargains for you in the month of May

The best book for your buck with May sales

Celebrated poet says goodbye to poetry

Gabriel Fitzmaurice claims he has written his last poem

New titles coming soon to Currach Books

Books to look forward to this spring and summer

Remembering the Easter Rising of 1916

The rebellions that have shaped Ireland’s history

The big impact of Celtic music in Europe

Celtic music at the heart of a new Celtic identity in western Europe

Celebrating mothers of all generations

A poem for grandmothers this Mother’s Day

Panel debates revival of an Ghaeilge

New perspectives on position of our native language

5 Irish people who have changed the world

For a small island we’ve made a big impact

A radical view on reviving the Irish language

What is necessary to restore our native tongue?

Books that will bring out the sun this Spring

Our top 5 books to brighten up your day

A view of Clare from the skies above

The Wild Atlantic Way from a unique perspective

Celebrating the everyday moments of love

A poem filled with simple joys this Valentine’s Day

Pictures lay bare the bones of rural Ireland

Records of an Ireland untainted by modernity

Migraine, so much bigger than ‘just a headache’

Inside the condition that affects over half a million Irish people

Looking at Dublin through an analogue lens

Using traditional photography to capture the spirit of the city

Sports stars show the importance of giving back

Rob Kearney shows his support for Epilepsy Ireland

Embracing your inner self this New Year

Nevermind ‘New Year, New You’, try ‘New Year, True You’

A Christmas Nativity on Achill Island

The humanity of the Nativity scene captured in paint and poetry

Currach’s Twelve Books Of Christmas

12 books that make perfect presents this Christmas.

Beautiful Thoughts this Christmas

Stories of festive cheer this Christmas season

Mythical Irish Beasts now even harder to find

Book out of stock following Late Late Toy Show rush

Toy Show boost for Mythical Irish Beasts

Ryan Tubridy loves the ‘gorgeous illustrations’ in this Irish book

5 books to make someone smile this Christmas

Get inspired by some of our most beautiful books for gifting.

‘The real Dubs are from the Liberties’ – social historian

Imelda May a ‘wonderful ambassador for the Liberties’

Irish mythical monsters brought to life

Discover monsters and magic from every corner of Ireland

Discover the heart of old Dublin in The Liberties

Step back in time with a new book from historian Maurice Curtis

Spooky things that go bump in the night

Ghost stories to give you chills this Halloween

Joe Schmidt lines out to support Epilepsy book

Rugby coach praises author for donating royalties

Rediscovering lost values in Irish culture

Remembering our roots in a changing modern Ireland

Breaking old habits improves mental health

Daily wellbeing ideas this World Mental Health Day

5 uplifting reads for the Autumn months

Pick up some of our favorite books to read on these darker evenings

Fuelling your mind with positive inspiration

John Scally offers beautiful thoughts for your everyday life

Take a look at Ireland’s 9 native dog breeds

Which of these lovely dogs will be joining your family?

A hero’s journey: a path to greater meaning

Find greater meaning in your life by becoming a hero!

‘Achill: The Island’ reading and book signing in Galway

A ”brilliant”, ”beautifully wrought collection of poetry and imagery”

Top 10 tips for having a happy retirement

Advice to make sure your retirement years shine.

Celtic Songlines: a showcase of Celtic culture

Celtic culture and song from the eyes of Dónal Lunny.

Summer walks are an opportunity for mindfulness

Combining writing with walking improves physical and mental health

Modern culture is rediscovering the beauty of folklore

Ireland needs to promote its rich culture and history of storytelling

Bloomsday and the woman who inspired Joyce

Nora Barnacle was the inspiration for Leopold Bloom’s wife, Molly in Ulysses.

Celebrating the ‘creative spirit’ on Achill island

Capacity crowd attends launch of a book of Achill poetry and paintings

‘Underbelly’ of Irish rural life revealed

Atmospheric photos capture aspects of Irish life increasingly lost to modernisation


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