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Children’s Books Ireland | December 2021

A Robin’s Tale

Noelle Rock
Illustrated by Sasha Sakhnevich

Many people believe that a visit from a robin is a sign that those beloved family members we have lost through death have returned to visit us. This can be a comforting thought to both young and old, and this concept is lovingly captured in this rhythmic tale by Noelle Rock with accompanying digital artwork by Sasha Sakhnevich. This picture book subtly discusses what happens after the passing of a loved one and may prove very helpful in alleviating young children’s concerns when broaching this topic. (Age 2-6)


Banshee Rising
Riley Cain

Caitlyn longs for a normal life but seeing ghosts everywhere, all the time, even when it’s inconvenient, means that’s basically impossible. She can’t even fancy Danny from school in peace – the floating nuns and spectral warriors see to that. And when Professor Brody appears in her life, things get even stranger – especially when he reveals a connection to her lost parents. Spooky, intriguing and heavily influenced by Irish Folklore and fairy tales, Caitlyn’s story is sure to keep even the most cynical reader utterly gripped. (Age 12-14)