Today is World Photography Day and we are celebrating with a few of our beautiful photography books, representing Ireland both past and present.


A Different Dublin

This wonderful selection of black and white photographs by Bill Hogan, highlights the differences in Dublin in the present day than in the 1960s. This clever group of photographs will make you feel nostalgic about the time that has passed between then and now. The photos in the book capture wonderful candid moments of the Dublin people, who really bring the place to life.



Edge of Light

This book beautifully captures the magnificence of Achill Island; filled with amazing landscapes and shots of the Atlantic coast line, Sean Cannon presents the island in its many moods as the light changes. This book is the perfect edition for the escapist in you. Experience the beauty of Ireland at all times of day from the comfort of your own home.



Black and white photo of two donkeys
Dark Ireland

Using his skill with the camera to capture peoples lives in the perfect light, Richard Fitzgerald is able to create powerfully haunting images. These black and white images focus on the reality of life in the countryside in the past and follow the back roads to shed light on the simple lives of those who reside there, capturing Irish cottage life prior to rural electrification.



A Portrait of Connemara

This amazing collection is a photographic exploration of one of Ireland’s most beautiful regions. Mark Joyce captures the heart of Connemara’s stunning countryside and the people who live there. Years in the making, it grasps perfectly the magic of this exquisite area. Whilst examining the photographs you can clearly see the love the photographer has for his home, and his passion for photography.



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