A Different Dublin: The 1960s through the lens

The 1960s through the lens
Photographs by Bill Hogan
110 pp
ISBN 9781782189060

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This collection of breathtaking photographs shows a Dublin that is familiar despite the five decades that separate the creation of these photos from today. Photographs of mothers feeding their babies from Guinness bottles are juxtaposed against shots of teenagers enjoying St Stephen’s Green on a summer’s day. Amateur photographer Bill Hogan managed to capture the complexities of Dublin society in the 1960s using his natural talent to take poignant photographs to portray emotional, moving moments and quirky glimpses into the everyday lives of the people of Dublin.

From the ages of 15-24 years, Bill Hogan worked as a projectionist in cinemas across Dublin. During this time, he became particularly interested in photography and was inspired by French photographer, Henri Cartier Bresson. His particular talent was in observing people going about their ordinary lives. As he worked mostly at night in the cinema, Hogan was able to spend his time wandering the streets of Dublin during the day with his camera. This collection of candid shots of city life in Dublin in 1960s is the result.

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