A Photographic Essay
Eddie Mallin
128 pp
ISBN: 9781782188933

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Dublin is a creative collection of photographic images of the city made over the last ten years. It includes images of Dublin’s urban cityscape, its beautiful coastal seascapes and luscious parklands. The black and white images capture the feeling of the streets and the buildings, allowing us to view these familiar streets through a new lens.

In an ever-increasing world of over-saturated colour digital imagery, these images are refreshing, using the analogue process and traditional darkroom processing techniques to make timeless images on traditional black and white film. Snow covered parklands, isolated trees in misty landscapes and even odd old gravestones add a tranquil poetic feel to the images of our city.

Eddie Mallin is a Dublin photographer specialising in traditional film-based photography. Deeply rooted in the analogue process and traditional darkroom processing techniques and using various cameras of dubious technical quality he makes timeless photographs of this most soulful city of light. He is known to friends in photographic communities the world over as ‘monosnaps’.


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