Gef Dickson | Portal

If you’re a wildlife enthusiast, a budding wildlife photographer, a lover of the boggy places or just enjoy looking at fabulous pictures you’ll be really gobsmacked by Tina Claffey’s latest offering, Portal, Otherwordly Wonders of Ireland’s bogs, wetlands and eskers. There is indeed a certain otherworldly wonder in many of her images – you’ll find yourself wondering what you’re really looking at!

Not only does Tina take great macro shots of her subjects – plant and insect life on Ireland’s wetlands – she has a thoughtful narrative to accompany these shots.

Her narrative reveals someone who has a thorough knowledge and love of her subjects.

If you’re an amateur enthusiast like me you will learn so much. The time, patience and devotion it took to get many of these shots is remarkable: in the way that other wildlife experts patiently establish a rapport with mammals, Tina seems to have achieved something akin to this with the insects on her

Highly recommended.

I would humbly suggest RTÉ could do worse than to commission a series based on Tina’s body of work to date.