The summer of 2020 will be recorded in the annals of history as one of enormous social upheaval. Nearly every one of us has been affected in one way or another. And now at the tail-end of summer, with the repercussions of the global pandemic still making waves, we are forced to accept failed vacations and plan alternative staycations before autumn comes around. But do not despair for there are so many beautiful cities, towns and villages on this island that you can discover and explore!

Over the years, Currach Books has released some wonderful pictorial books that have captured the beauty of Ireland in all it’s glory. If you need some inspiration for your upcoming staycation, read on!

Clare’s Wild Atlantic Way 19.99

An Aerial Perspective of County Clare’s Extraordinary Coastline
Patrick G. Ryan

Clare’s Wild Atlantic Way is a collection of aerial photographs, taken and compiled by pilot-photographer Patrick G. Ryan.

The photographs render County Clare’s abundant coast in all its unique beauty. The awe-inspiring images capture both the rugged natural landscape of Clare and the man-made structures – castles, towers and lighthouses – that enhance it.


A Portrait of Connemara 19.99

Mark Joyce

A Portrait of Connemara is a photographic exploration of one of Ireland’s most beautiful regions. Years in the making, it renews and redefines the magic of this much-loved area, channeling the excitement and passion of the photographer for the beguiling and unique landscape he calls home.



Edge of Light €29.99

Photographs by Sean Cannon

Across the arc of his photographic life, Sean Cannon brings you Achill Island in its many moods. For those who have visited or intend to visit Achill, this intimate collection of images specially chosen by Sean celebrates 30 years of photography exhibited in the Western Light Art Gallery.

With a mixture of images in both black & white and colour, this selection includes some of his most loved and celebrated images illustrating the fragile beauty of his island home.


Achill: The Island 19.99

Poems by John F. Deane
Paintings by John Behan

In this anthology, celebrated poet John F. Deane invites us to explore the spiritual and enchanted secrets of his beloved childhood island, with poems that embellish the beauty of the Wild Atlantic Coast.

Magically illustrated by the hand of leading Irish sculptor John Behan, this book is a journey of splendour, a gaze across the ocean, a walk on a beach where every grain of sand whispers a story.


Cover illustration by Tara Jacoby.

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