There is a lot of talk each New Year about ‘New Year, New You’ and it is looked at a chance to make changes in your life, with many people resolving to eat fewer takeaways, exercise more or give up smoking. While these resolutions can nurture your body, this New Year why not work on nurturing your mind and spirit by taking the chance to listen to your inner self? The following extract is from Surprised by Fire: Become who you are meant to be by Martina Lehane Sheehan, a book which looks at the journey to follow your ‘soul voice’ and your own unique path.

Surprised by Fire Cover“We can get so caught up in controlling the details we often miss the broader horizon; we can unconsciously fill our lives with so many urgent concerns that we make ourselves unavailable, and therefore unwilling, to hear the voice of the soul when she calls. However, if we remain unfaithful to our true self, all sorts of neuroses can move centre-field.

“In school, Sister Paul repeatedly asked us, ‘Now girls, what are you going to do when you leave school?’ (A girl once cheekily answered, ‘Sister, I was actually going to go straight home!’) Perhaps Sister Paul’s question needed to be superseded by the more elemental questions: What makes your heart sing? What is your true nature? What is your deepest dream? What do you want to do with your one amazing opportunity to make a difference? These questions are important because any attempt to override one’s nature will always backfire, even if it conforms to the most virtuous or socially acceptable way of life. Deep inside, we know that the meaning of our life is somehow related to discovering how to live our potential, and how to add something beautiful to humanity. We each want to leave a daring and blazing trail behind us when we leave this planet.”

Surprised by Fire explores these big questions, and brings you through the journey to follow your individual path in life and allow your true self to flourish. If you would like to introduce more opportunities to let your soul shine through into your life this year you can get your own copy of Surprised by Fire by clicking here.