We are pleased to inform you that award-winning photographer Tina Claffey has been chosen as one of the contemporary Irish naturalists joining a panel discussion with Paddy Woodworth at Dublin Book Festival 2022.

The Naturalist’s Bookshelf panel discussion will take place at the National Botanic Gardens on Sunday, November 13 at 3pm.

Earlier this year, Currach Books was proud to publish Tina’s second book Portal: Otherworldly Wonders of Ireland’s Bogs, Wetlands and Eskers showcasing her macro photography skills.

Tina Claffey, of Birr, Co. Offaly, also recently received news that Portal is one of only five books to receive an Honourable Mention in the ‘Nature: Books’ category of the International Photography Awards 2022.

“I am delighted that the magic of our precious bogs is being appreciated on a global stage!” said an ecstatic Tina.

Her latest book Portal showed readers an up-close and personal view of the unique flora and fauna found in Ireland’s bogs and wetlands.

Sir David Attenborough’s handwritten note to Tina Claffey, congratulating her on Portal.

International bodies like The UN Development Program, the EU Habitats Directive, and local bodies like the National Parks and Wildlife Service have listed Irish wetlands, raised bogs and blanket bogs as Special Areas of Conservation (SACs), aiming to conserve natural habitats and species.

Local artists like Tina Claffey go to great lengths to raise awareness of these endangered habitats – organising nature walks, photographing the unique environment and wildlife, publishing their work in reputed journals and other media, participating in local events, and more – all to further promote our country’s biodiversity and natural heritage.

Tina’s work has been acknowledged by Sir David Attenborough himself in a handwritten correspondence. Tina has also worked with the Wildlife Habitat Council in USA and was invited to display her photos at the Virtual Peatland Pavilion hosted by the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) last year.

In recent weeks, the photographer has participated in an exhibition at Pearse Museum organised by the Landmarks Collective. She has also been recognised as one of RTÉ’s #Climateheroes. Two of her photos have also been shortlisted for the Close-Up Photographer of the Year Awards 2022.


A nature photographer of the highest calibre, Tina Claffey casts a light on oft overlooked habitats in her unique, original and mesmerising style- her eye for detail, her composition, simply wonderful. Never has such work been more important.” Colin Stafford-Johnson (Wildlife Film-maker and TV presenter)

“Tina Claffey’s photography captures the astounding intricacy and eerie beauty of the bog like no one else. Her profound engagement with Ireland’s peatlands gives us an opportunity to get closer to it and to witness its wonders.”  Manchán Magan (Writer & Documentary maker)

“I wish everyone saw the natural world like Tina Claffey does. She sees and shows the beauty of the quietest moments and smallest creatures living in our bogs. Her work is a rich testimony to the importance of peatlands to our natural heritage and as an ark for bogland biodiversity. From the sleeping bee to the frosted fungi, Tina’s photos remind us of the wonders that surround us if we only pause to recognize them.” Margaret O’Gorman (President of Wildlife Habitat Council USA)