Otherworldly Wonders of Ireland's Bogs, Wetlands and Eskers
Tina Claffey
ISBN  9781782189312

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Portal is an immersive visual exploration through the realms of unique flora and fauna within Ireland’s bogs, wetlands and eskers, revealing the hidden gems that have lived and evolved for millennia.

Bogs are magical places that defy any distinction between land and water. They are the last true wildernesses in Western Europe and are home to extraordinary plant and animal species that have adapted in this unique environment to survive.

Tina Claffey has been exploring these wondrous bogs through the seasons with a macro lens, which captures this enchanted wilderness in its minuteness, seeing beyond what the human eye is capable of. Carnivorous plants with their sticky tentacles, sphagnum mosses frozen in time in the deep bog pools, ancient water creatures exploring their depths, kaleidoscopes of colour through dewdrops on the backs of wondrous insects. A wilderness on our doorstep that looks otherwordly.

About the author

Tina Claffey is a nature photographer and author of the book Tapestry of Light-Ireland’s bogs & wetlands as never seen before (Artisan Books) published in October 2017. After living in wilderness areas in Botswana, photographing the wildlife, awakened in her an appreciation of the natural world of her home country, Ireland, in particular its bogs and wetlands.

Tina has been awarded from highly prestigious world competitions including Fine Art Photography Awards 2019, BigPicture 2019, Close Up Photographer of the Year 2019 and IGSPOTY Macro competition 2018.



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