Love Life

A Holistic Understanding of Ageing
Catherine McCann
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Catherine McCann released Love Life at 84 years old. And her writing sings only positivity concerning that. Challenging the popular stereotypes of aging as a negative development, the former physiotherapist and nun-turned curator of Shekina Sculpture Garden offers advice and soothing words on the aging process. McCann utilizes her calming voice to transform the post-retirement phase of life from one of decline to one of fulfilment. She aims to change not just the attitudes of older people towards growing older, but those of the general, young, public towards elderly people and their appropriate places in society.

McCann dispels the common idea that physical wellbeing is necessarily equal to wellbeing in general. She promotes the maintaining of the “young inside” person that many elderly people feel they have within them. McCann prepares the reader for retirement and what the newfound hole in one’s everyday life might entail. She reaches out to those who are specially-abled, and extends words of consolation and advice.

The author also does a wonderful job acknowledging the limitations of older life and addressing those issues with long-developed wisdom and maturity. She discusses the many stressors to elderly people, whether external or internal, and suggests activities and other outlets to alleviate said stresses.

If you or a loved one are struggling to make peace with aging and the many setbacks that can come with it, this book could be the perfect choice for you. Catherine McCann pours her many years of knowledge into a caring and valuable manual on how to Love Life. She tenderly approaches each subject with sensitivity while refusing to shy away from some of the darker or less talked-about questions or problems an older person might have.

Love Life is a one-of-a-kind book, and it is highly recommended for anyone in their upper years that desires to live their life to the fullest they can.

Praise for Love Life

“Love Life is full of practical and compassionate advice about the ageing process and how to negotiate the pitfalls, but in particular about how we need to stay open and adaptable as the years build up.” – Irish Examiner

“This book presents the positive side to getting older and offers practical advice on how to make retirement an enjoyable time full of possibilities for personal enrichment and fulfilment.” – Wicklow People