Love Life

Catherine McCann
169 pages

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Love Life is an update of the highly acclaimed Falling in Love with Life, which was published in 1996. It is enhanced by the added wisdom and life experience on the process of ageing gained over the past 21 years by the author Catherine McCann. This book presents the positive side to getting older and offers practical advice on how to make retirement an enjoyable time, full of possibilities for personal enrichment and fulfilment.

“Catherine McCann, through her life, her work and her attitudes, is the embodiment of a positive approach to ageing. This book will help others to share that positive approach. Ageing is a life-long process so this book is relevant to all age groups. Life is for Living. This book will help you to live better’. – Ita Mangan B.L., Chair of Citizens Information Board and Chair of Age and Opportunity

Catherine McCann is a physiotherapist, counsellor and spiritual director. In 1979 she bought a cottage in County Wicklow and created Shekina Sculpture Garden, a place for reflective days and celebrations.

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