With all of the turmoil currently making its way around the globe, it’s important that we still foster positivity and strength. Great gifts for that special woman in your life are often thoughtful and personal and a good book is always a wonderful choice as a present. From poetry, writing, and art these uplifting titles are the perfect tonic to revive the happiness and joy in your mother’s daily life. Make her day with these best heart-warming and uplifting books from our collection this March – all half price!


Beautiful Thoughts for Beautiful Minds

John Scally

We live in troubled times, surrounded by negative news and happenings from around the world, brought to us at a moment’s notice. Thankfully, in this book author John Scally offers us a unique mix of heart-warming stories and inspirational fables to brighten up our days and bring cheer.



Love Life

Catherine McCann

In Love Life, Catherine McCann presents the positive side to getting older and offers practical advice on how to make retirement an enjoyable time, full of possibilities for personal enrichment and fulfillment.



Surprised by Fire: Become who you are meant to be

Martina Lehane Sheehan

This book draws on solid research around happiness and well-being, and more importantly, it offers a compelling invitation for you to discover, and follow your ‘soul voice’, your own unique path. Not just another self-help book; it will take its readers on a powerful journey towards transforming and healing the blocks that hold us back from living the dream, and how we can unleash our creativity and ignite the indwelling divine spark.



Writing for Wellbeing

Patricia McAdoo

Did you know that writing regularly is beneficial for your mental and physical health? Discover the joy of expressing yourself with pen and paper, with Martina McAdoo’s fantastic book to help get you through troubled times.



An Urban Sketcher’s Galway

Róisín Curé

This uplifting book is the perfect gift for the art lover in your life, chock full of vibrant colourful sketches of people relishing their everyday lives in the beautiful environs of Galway city. Local artist Róisín Curé captures snapshots of life in the City of the Tribes in bold ink and vibrant watercolour – her sketches show the gorgeous details of Galway’s pubs, the musicians and buskers, the exquisite medieval stonework, the marine environment, the vibrant restaurant culture, and the colourful characters.



A Farewell to Poetry

Gabriel Fitzmaurice

A beautiful compilation of Fitzmaurice’s poetry, from his debut collections Rainsong (1984) through to Smitten Soul (2018) this book is celebration of life through the art of verse. The poems pay homage to the poet’s parents, elucidate his marriage to the love of his life, and celebrate true rural Irish living. In addition, he skillfully translates iconic Irish poems, and has included many of his original Irish language poems in the collection.