An Urban Sketcher’s Galway

Róisín Curé
ISBN 9781782189084

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An ‘Urban sketcher’ is one who excels at drawing and painting with quick, masterful strokes what is visible to the eye. An expert urban sketcher such as Róisín Curé deftly sketches on the spot whatever happens to be in front of her, what catches the artist’s eye, wherever she may be.

In this beautiful book, local artist Róisín Curé captures snapshots of life in the City of the Tribes in bold ink and vibrant watercolour. Her sketches show the beautiful details of Galway’s pubs, the musicians and buskers, the exquisite medieval stonework, the marine environment, the vibrant restaurant culture, and the colourful characters.

These striking sketches are accompanied by a memoir of Róisín’s life in Galway, and the conversations she shared with others around her while she sketched, giving local insights and a quirky first-hand account of the history and legends surrounding the most iconic elements of Galway’s urban landscape.


About the Author

Róisín Curé is an urban sketch artist based in Co. Galway, Ireland. She teaches international urban sketching workshops and runs an online art magazine ‘Life Through The Prism Of Art’.

She is currently working on her second book, due to be released in late 2020.

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