With Christmas just around the corner, Currach Books presents its curated list of books to make your search for a perfect gift easier! We strive to publish books of Irish interest that present the rich history of the island and its ever-changing socio-political landscape in a way that captures the interest of not just the Irish, but also of those who may have once belonged to these lands, or are enamored by them.

So peruse the list below and find a memorable keepsake for loving family and friends who are sure to appreciate the thought and feeling behind it.


Give Us Back the Bad Roads

by John Waters

John Waters, best known as a newspaper columnist and author, famously dedicated his writing to raising unpopular issues in mainstream Irish media. Three decades later, arriving back in the Sligo parish where his father grew up, and with the dust settling on his departure from Irish journalism, he presents this book: a love letter to his father, as he looks back over the arc of his life and career, at the hopes and expectations of his youth, and thanks his lucky stars to have left the media industry when he did.

Price: €19.99


Mythical Irish Beasts

by Mark Joyce

Long has Irish folklore taken a backseat to other neighbouring countries’ tales. The mythology of Ireland is bursting with fantastical characters, and this book is the perfect way to explore the magical heritage of Ireland. In this beautiful book, Mark Joyce brings us along on a whimsical journey through Irish folklore with his vivid stories of monsters and enchanted creatures, all brought to life through original illustrations. He uncovers local stories of monsters that have been lost or forgotten, and breathes new life into them with his creative artwork, sure to spark the imagination of kids and adults alike.

Price: €22.99


An Urban Sketcher’s Galway

by Róisín Curé

In this gorgeous book, Galway comes to life as local artist Róisín Curé captures snapshots of life in the City of the Tribes in bold ink and vibrant watercolour. Galway is one of the country’s most colourful towns, full of music and life. Curé’s sketches show the beautiful details of Galway’s pubs, the musicians and buskers, the exquisite medieval stonework, the marine environment, the vibrant restaurant culture, and the colourful characters. Alongside these drawings lies the conversations she shared with the natives while sketching, giving local insights and first-hand accounts of the history and legends surrounding the iconic landscapes of Galway.

Price: €22.99


Wild Stories from the Irish Uplands

by John J. O’Dwyer

As a lifelong hillwalker and mountaineer with more than 30 years’ experience, Tipp man John J. O’Dwyer masterfully recounts many captivating tales from times gone by, from saints to scoundrels, and rescuers to rebels and rapparees. The author seamlessly merges expert historical sources with his own fact-finding walks through the uplands and the vivid accounts of events gleaned from local people. Using this research, the book relates how Ireland’s vertically unassuming mountains and hills have been central to the ebb and flow of Irish life for countless generations, with accounts of these events woven afterwards into unifying local mythologies.

Price: €14.99


A Farewell to Poetry: Selected Poems and Translations

by Gabriel Fitzmaurice

Proclaimed as “The great bard of Irish village life” by Fintan O’Toole of The Irish Times, Gabriel Fitzmaurice declares this book to be his last. As an author of more than 60 books, including collections of poetry in English and Irish, here he carefully selects poems and their translations for his literary swansong. A champion of the Irish Arts, Gabriel Fitzmaurice bids adieu to the world of poetry and this collection is a must-have for every book lover in the land.

Price: €19.99