In the spirit of Mother’s Day we are celebrating with a poem dedicated to grandmothers, who are mothers twice over. The poem Nanas is part of the upcoming book A Farewell to Poetry from Gabriel Fitzmaurice, and is short, humorous and filled with love.


A Farewell to Poetry by Gabriel Fitzmaurice book coverNanas give you goodies
When mammies say they can’t
‘Cos nanas always give you
Exactly what you want
And mammies can’t give out to them
‘Cos they are very old
And that’s why they’re allowed to be
Very, very bold.


This is a taste of what’s to come with Gabriel’s newest book A Farewell to Poetry, which is due for publication later this spring. A Farewell to Poetry is a collection of his very best poems from a lifetime of writing, bringing together poetry from his prolific career, from 1984 through to today, in a tome that is a true testimony to his mastery of the craft. If you would like to be among the first to get your hand on this book upon publication it can be pre-ordered here.