Trying to find the ultimate Christmas gift can be difficult, especially for our loved ones. Whether they have a budding interest in photography, get lost in folk tales, or are fascinated by history, Currach Books has a variety of genres for the dedicated bibliophiles in your life.

Here is our essential guide to the best books you can buy this holiday season.

For the history buff

Yours ‘Til Hell Freezes: A Memoir of Kevin Barry
Siofra O’Donovan (€19.99)

Yours ‘Til Hell Freezes is a riveting memoir of young Irish martyr Kevin Barry, written by one of his closest descendants. Kevin Barry was the first man to be hanged by the British during the 1916 Rising and this book brings new life to the man behind the rebel songs, using material from family papers and the public domain. The poignant description of his final hours is gripping and chilling in detail.

Wild Stories from the Irish Uplands
John G. O’Dwyer (€14.99)

History is more than just a list of names and dates, and these collected stories create a vivid picture of Ireland’s past brought to life! Since the beginning of time, Ireland’s uplands have been the epicentre of heroic deeds, larger-than-life characters and captivating conflicts. From outlaws hiding in mountainous caves, dramatic hillside gun fights between rebels, and nail-biting modern day rescue missions, Ireland’s mountains may not be the tallest but they provide thrilling tales of adventure and daring.


For the photographer

Edge of Light
Sean Cannon (€29.99)


Across the arc of his photographic life, Sean Cannon brings you Achill Island in its many moods. For those who have visited or intend to visit Achill, this intimate collection of images specially chosen by Sean celebrates 30 years of photography exhibited in the Western Light Art Gallery.With a mixture of images in both black & white and colour, this selection includes some of his most loved and celebrated images.

Dublin: A Photographic Essay
Eddie Mallin (€24.99)


Dublin: A Photographic Essay is a creative collection of stark black and white images of the city taken over the last decade. It includes images of Dublin’s urban landscape, its beautiful coastal seascapes, and luscious parklands. The monochromatic images capture the feeling of the streets and the buildings, allowing us to view these familiar streets through a new lens.

For the artist

An Urban Sketcher’s Galway
Róisín Curé (€22.99)


An ‘urban sketcher’ is one who excels at drawing and painting with quick, masterful strokes what is visible to the eye. An essential read for art admirers everywhere, in this beautiful book local artist Róisín Curé captures snapshots of life in the City of the Tribes in bold ink and vibrant watercolours.


For the whole family

Once Upon a Reader: Raising Your Children With a Love of Books
 Lorraine Levis (€19.99)

We all know that reading is an integral and important part of a child’s development, but how can be get our little ones reading consistently? Ex-bookseller and children’s book expert Lorraine Levis teaches us how to find the books that speak to young people of all ages and enable them to understand the world around them.The author has a simple message: reading is for everyone! Whether you’re trying to gift the perfect book, balance reading and screen time or develop your relationship with the kids in your life, Once Upon a Reader is a roadmap for anyone who wants to help the next generation – from pre-natal babies to young adults – become avid readers.

The Enchanted Lake
Sinéad de Valera (€22.99)

Sinéad de Valera’s The Enchanted Lake weaves a world of magic like no other. From witches and mermaids to giants and princesses, this new edition, full of beautiful and colourful illustrations by the artist Alexis Sierra, brings together eight of her classic Irish Fairy Tales. Set in the Erin of old, these timeless tales having been passed down for hundreds of years are still as captivating today as they were then and a perfect gift to share with future generations.


For the folklorist

Mythical Irish Beasts and Mythical Irish Wonders
Mark Joyce (€22.99 each / €45 bundle)

If you can only think of leprechauns when you think of Irish mythical creatures, it’s time to think again! Ireland’s mythology is bursting with mysterious and fantastical characters and this book is the perfect way to explore the island’s magical heritage.The book is packed with some supernatural creatures you may have heard of, like the banshee, and many more that may be new to you. Mark Joyce brings us on a fantastic journey through Irish folklore with his stories of monsters and enchanted creatures, all brought to life through his original illustrations.  Plus, when you buy both of these stunning books you’ll get free postage.


For the nature lover

The Bee’s Knees
James Morrissey (€19.99)

The Bee’s Knees is a fascinating insight into the life of bees and beekeeping in Ireland, including what happens inside the hive, how bees communicate with each other through the ‘waggle dance’, how honey has been at the centre of a major international food fraud and the dramatic decline in global bee population.This book will bring you on a journey of discovery, learning just how important bees are to our environment and what we can do to help them thrive.