Dear reader,

My name is Riley Cain and I am an author and poet from Dublin, Ireland. Inspired by my nieces and nephews, I decided to write books for children ages 8 and up. I have published two books to date – The Halloween House, a collection of poems, and more recently a full-length novel titled Banshee Rising that explored the adventures of a young girl who can see the dead.

Like many writers, I juggle my writing with a daytime job. In my case, I work at Dublin Airport in a frontline role that brings me into direct contact with arriving passengers. As such, I experience an intimate view of global events like movement restrictions due to a pandemic and influx of asylum seekers and refugees due to conditions of war.

From the outset of the recent Ukraine invasion, my colleagues and I have been a first point of contact for those fleeing the conflict. As a group trying to offer assistance, we have been overwhelmed by stories of absolute loss and heartbreak from people who had ordinary, everyday, and recognisable lives one day, and absolutely nothing the next.

This has prompted a universal feeling of a need to do more than our jobs during this crisis, be that offering financial donations to aid groups, or organising charity drives for much needed essentials

In seeking my own response, it became obvious to me that my book, Banshee Rising, may prove to be an untapped source of fund.

With the support of my publisher Currach Books, I have decided to divert proceeds from the sale of my book to the Irish Red Cross who are providing invaluable help to Ukrainians arriving in Ireland.

Little, perhaps, in the greater scheme of things, but we are all tested now to do what little we can in the face of Ukraine’s tragedy.

Banshee Rising is available in all good bookshops across Ireland as well as on the publishers’ website

If not for yourself, consider purchasing the book for a young reader in the age group of 8-14 and help me help those who are in urgent need.

Thank you.


Riley Cain