What Have the Irish Ever Done for Us?

David Forsythe
Illustrated by Alba Esteban
230 pp
ISBN 9781782189046

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For centuries, the Irish have had an impact on the world far beyond what you would expect for a tiny nation on the edge of Europe. What have the Irish ever done for us? tells the remarkable stories of some well-known and not so well-known Irish people who have made their mark with stories of courage, ingenuity, perseverance and selflessness whose influence are felt far beyond Ireland’s shores.

Filled with quirky illustrations, this light-hearted book recounts hundreds of examples of the important roles that the Irish and people of Irish descent have played throughout modern history. We learn how the Irish revolutionised global agriculture, championed workers’ rights, split the atom, built the New York subway, and invented the submarine, the tank, the electric tattoo machine and the ejector seat!

From the brave Irish women who led the way in the age of flight, to the selfless heroes who risked their lives for others during the Second World War, to the literary pioneers who paved the way for the modern horror boom, this book will open your eyes to the many incredible achievements of Irish people.

About the Author

David Forsythe is a journalist and author. The son of an Irish mother and English father, he was born and brought up in London. He has been widely published in the British and Irish press.

He is the author of The Celtic Songlines and scriptwriter for the RTÉ television series of the same name. Throughout his career, he has been fascinated by the influences that shape our cultural identity.

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