The Most Irish Person

Shelley Corcoran
36 PP
ISBN 9781782189343

Coming April 2023

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‘I wonder who is the most Irish person in Ireland?’ Join Anna and Lucy as they hold a competition across the counties to find out!

From Lei celebrating St Patrick’s Day in Galway to Alfonzo baking delicious bread in Tipperary, the competition is tough! Who will be the winner?

A fun, easy read The Most Irish Person celebrates the beautiful multicultural society Ireland has become over the past decade. Featuring children from all different heritages, the book points out you don’t have to be ancestrally Irish to consider yourself as such.


About the Author 

Shelley Corcoran is an art photographer that has always been drawn to all things creative. She has been published in many poetry anthologies and journals and has had her art exhibited worldwide.

Shelley has been teaching art photography to childrenfor the past 13 years. Writing children’s books is a dream come true for her as she combines her love for writing with her zeal for immersing herself in a child’s world.



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