Native Irish Dogs

Shane McCoy. Photography by Colin White
ISBN 9781782188926

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When it comes to dogs, Ireland boasts a broad and diverse range of breeds whose origins are uniquely Irish. From the iconic Irish Wolfhound to the lesser-known Glen of Imaal Terrier, the native dogs of Ireland are ancient breeds with diverse histories and mythologies.

With nine Irish breeds in total – four terriers, three gun dogs and two hounds – each breed evolved and developed specific characteristics to assist them in the daily life of an Ireland long past. Not only working dogs, they also formed an integral part of Irish family life and proved to be superb companion animals. From their humble beginnings, it was in the early 20th century that these native dogs were increasingly connected with Irish Nationalism and became symbols of Ireland’s Celtic past.

This book provides a pictorial look at all of our native breeds, each one an intrinsic part of our rich heritage. These dogs are to be treasured and protected as a vital piece of our historical inheritance.

Shane McCoy holds a degree in literature and Celtic Civilisation along with a Masters degree in Literature and Publishing from the National University of Ireland, Galway.
A publishing professional and keen dog enthusiast with a love of Irish history and an academic background in Celtic mythology, the author has lovingly collected and compiled information, factual and mythological, about the native Irish dog breeds

Colin White has been working in the publishing industry for six years on a wide variety of projects with large companies, as well as smaller organisations.
Travelling the length and breadth of the country, the avid photographer has captured images that convey the beautiful nature of Ireland’s nine outstanding native dog breeds.



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