A Robin’s Tale

Noelle Rock
Illustrated by Sasha Sakhnevich
32 Pp
ISBN 9781782189282

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Robins appear when loved ones are near.

This is one Robin’s tale as he returns to watch over the people he loves.

A Robin’s Tale is a thoughtful children’s story addressing death which offers a safe way for adults and children to explore loss and grief.

About the Author

Noelle Rock is a freelance writer and author of the children’s book A Robin’s Tale. From Longford, Ireland originally, she currently resides in Leitrim. She is fluent in Irish, is a Chartered Psychologist, and has a Masters degree in Psychology, working in the field for many years.

Noelle is very family-oriented, the proud Mammy of two very inquisitive little humans. If she isn’t writing, she can be found enjoying her hobby of photography, capturing nature with a camera in hand and her dogs in tow. As a strong advocate of mindfulness, she believes that appreciating the simple moments is what makes life beautiful.



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