Children’s Book of the Week – Banshee Rising

Woman’s Way | September 2021

Horror enthusiast Riley Cain debuts Ireland’s first Young Adult mythological fantasy, Banshee Rising. Irish teenager Caitlyn McCabe has a secret – she can see spirits. It’s hard enough juggling high school and hiding out in the ruins of Rosehill, but throwing a paranormal gift into the mix? Caitlyn certainly hasn’t had it easy. Suddenly, Caitlyn’s life changes while on a school trip to Newgrange as Prof. Sackimum Brody of Trinity college makes his entry and turns her life upside down. An evil entity, straight from the heart of haunted Ireland, is making its way to the mortal world. Will Caitlyn save Ireland from a terrible fate? Join her in this tale of fantasy, folklore and adventure.


Spooky Reads – Banshee Rising

Irish Country Magazine | November

Author and horror enthusiast Riley Cain has released a young adult mythological fantasy Banshee Rising. Making her debut, curious character Caitlyn McCabe, who has the ability to see both the mortal and spiritual realms, discovers an evil spirit battling its way to the mortal world. Will her supernatural abilities help thwart the invasion or will Ireland succumb to a terrible fate? A great read for the YA genre as well as adventure enthusiasts.

Banshee Rising by Riley Cain is available here and in all good bookshops.