You Can Quote Me on That

Wit, Wisdom, Wickedness and Waffle of Modern Ireland
Compiled by Aubrey Malone
ISBN 9781856079648

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You Can Quote Me on That provides is a bang-up-to-date collection of quotations: comments humorous, acerbic, satirical or plain self-serving written or spoken (or sometimes even overheard) in the Ireland of today. Quotes include those of best-known politicians, comedians, broadcasters, writers and assorted chancers of modern Ireland.

  • ‘There’s a thin line between loyalty and stupidity’ (A soccer player who became famous because of an incident in Saipan aka Roy Keane)
  • ‘I shaved my hair off because somebody confused my with Enya’ (a world-famous singer aka Sinéad O’Connor)
  • ‘When you’re in the last ditch, the only thing left is to sing’ (A Nobel-prizewinning dramatist aka Samuel Beckett)
  • ‘My aunt always said divorce was worse than murder’ (A woman novelist resident in London aka Edna O’Brien)
  • ‘Never has my flabber been so totally gasted’ (A golfer turned wisecracking commentator aka David Feherty)
  • ‘There’s a better chance of getting the wrinkles out of a bloodhound’s face than out of 100% linen shirts’ (a very successful woman writer of popular fiction aka Marian Keyes)
About the Author

Aubrey Malone is a prolific compiler of humorous quotation anthologies. Talk Nation (2004) was also published by Currach Press. He lives in Dublin and pens the film review column for The Irish Catholic newspaper.



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