The Ark Of Dun Ruah

Maria Burke
ISBN 9781856077941

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Simon Macken’s greatest passion is experimenting with fireworks and explosives. The fire brigade have been called several times after his botched experiments in the garden shed. He wants to live in The Land of Fire where he can give up school and concentrate on pyrotechnics.

Kerry is Simon’s carer and older sister. She is a designer who finds it hard to make her living in the little town of Kilbeggin. Kerry is invited to Fire City to work as a fashion designer for the President. She’s a home bird and scared of what Simon will do if his obsession is unleashed.

Pod is a cranky old owl with royal blue feathers who lives in the loft of Macken Cottage with two other birds, the Swiftails. His nerves are shattered after days of being stalked by Giant Eagles. He’s certain that the trip to the Land of Fire will be a disaster.

Red Beak is the King of a rare breed of Giant Eagles, big enough to carry humans. He wants to abduct Pod for his Royal Blue feathers which are more valuable than diamonds to eagles. This could give him the power and influence he needs to take over the world.

Malachy is a prophet, also known as the Messenger. He comes from an ancient realm and has extraordinary powers. He is the protector of the Ark of Dun Ruah and is fearless. Will he be the one to challenge Red Beak and end his reign of terror?

Maria Burke¬†lives in Cork with her husband and eleven year old son. She is a writer, radio presenter and artist. She worked as a primary school teacher for some years and her love of story telling started there. This is Maria’s first novel and the first in The Ark of Dun Ruah series. The next book is Protectors of the Flame.



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