Hurler on the Ditch

Memoir of a Journalist who Became Ireland's First Ombudsman
Michael Mills
ISBN 9781856079198

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For most of his life, Michael Mills worked as a journalist and broadcaster on matters of political interest. He was a political correspondent for The Irish Press for some twenty years, during which time he wrote about Arms Crisis, which is covered here in some details, Seaán Lemass, Jack Lynch and the rise of Charles J. Haughey.

He was also one of the first panellists on the television programme The Hurler on the Ditch, which could claim through its pressure on the political parties to have succeeded in making a breakthrough in government policy in relation to a number of annual increases in social welfare spending.

Michael Mills was Ireland’s first Ombudsman and held the post from 1984 to 1995. During that time he became acquainted at first hand with many of the problems of older people in regard to the failure to obtain particular benefits, to delays in dealing with their queries and the failure of many public servants to appreciate the difficulties faced by elderly people in dealing with bureaucracy. Although some reforms have been put in place, he still considers that there is a great need for an ongoing and constant effort to secure the rights of elderly citizens.



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