Fit for Success

Joan Geraghty
144 pp
ISBN: 9781856079815

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Joan Geraghty’s 2008 book Anyone Can Run (also published by Currach Press) aimed to broadcast, loud and clear, the message that fitness is not reserved for thin people, young people of sporty people. Fit for Success develops the idea that fitness is not just fun -– and good for your health – but good for your life, your work and your business. Time spent on fitness is productive time, as Joan Geraghty’s interviews with some leading business and professional people testify.

Among the interviewees are James Murphy of ‘Life2good’, Ray O’Connor of ‘Proactive Design and Marketing’, Senior Counsel Ercus Stewart and Catherine Wiley, dynamic founder of Camp Beaumont, who all share the following attributes:

  • They are highly successful self-employed professionals or entrepreneurs
  • They are devoted to fitness, without being professional athletes
  • They are of a certain age – that is past the sell-by date for the typical professional athlete
  • They look the part – not only do they talk the talk, their well-toned bodies tell the story
Fit for Success tells a fascinating, inspiring story of lives lived in the fast lane, of busy people who make time for health and fitness, certain that this is time well spent.

Joan Geraghty is a journalist. She took up running as a way to fitness and improved health after the birth of her youngest child and has since participated in several marathons and half-marathons, including the notoriously demanding Connemara marathon. She lives in Westport, Co. Mayo, with her husband Padraic and their four children.



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