The Celtic Songlines with Dónal Lunny

The companion book to the RTÉ series

David Forsythe
120 pages
ISBN 9781782188964

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Is there such a thing as ‘Celtic music’ and if there is, what exactly is it?

These are some of the questions that Dónal Lunny sought the answers to following RTÉ’s four-part series  The Celtic Songlines. Dónal travelled to all of Europe’s Celtic nations from the Hebrides in the north to Galicia in the south visiting the Isle of Man, Wales, Cornwall and Brittany as well as Ireland. Along the way he met with musicians, historians and folklorists who helped build a fascinating picture of what Celtic musical identity means in modern Europe.

“Celtic music has developed a cultural identity of its own in recent years, but what really gives it life and unites all these places is the spirit and love that Celtic people have for their own traditions.” – Dónal Lunny

About the Author

David Forsythe is a journalist and author, born and brought up in London to an Irish mother and English father. Throughout his career he has been fascinated by the influences that shape our cultural identity. He is the author of What have the Irish ever done for us? (published by Currach Books) and worked as a scriptwriter for the RTÉ television series The Celtic Songlines. He lives in West Cork, Ireland.

Additional Information

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