A Memoir-0

A Memoir

Terry de Valera
368 pages
ISBN 9781856079211

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Into a very volatile Ireland, Terry de Valera was born in June 1922. In this memoir he recounts events in his life and that of his family against the ongoing changing political landscapes of the Civil War, the threat of Wolrd War II, the twenty-fifth anniversary of the 1916 Rising, the ultimate demise of his very famous parents, Emaon and Sinéad de Valera, and the growth of his own family, including of course his daughter Síle, who is also a TD and minister.

Terry draws too on his mother’s memories, which he asked her to commit to paper, to provide a fascinating picture of Ireland in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

In addition to matters political, there is also much which will appeal to those interested in music and the arts. A recognised expert on Chopin and John Field, Terry de Valera’s enthusiasm in describing these men and their work is infectious. So too, his reminiscences on various Irish artists.

This is a very personal memoir, but is guaranteed to be of interest to anyone keen to learn about one of Ireland’s foremost political families, from the inside.



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