Sometimes it is not easy to imagine what life was like at different points in history. You may have moved away from your home town and feel homesick. This collection of photography books allow you to experience the many moods of Ireland from the comfort of your own home.

A Different Dublin: The 1960s through the lens – Bill Hogan

These photographs provide a sense of nostalgia as they show Dublin as it was over 50 years ago. Peer through the streets you know well today and see how they have changed. Whether you are revisiting the Dublin of your past, or exploring the city as you have never seen it before – A Different Dublin is a glimpse of all that has changed in Dublin, and also of the many things that seem just the same.



A Tale of Two Cities – John Hall

Through amazing photography, half this book represents Dublin. The capital city is shown full of life and culture. The other half of the book is dedicated to what is often regarded as Ireland’s true capital city: Cork. Cork has the tallest building, the longest building, the best rugby and football players, and the best hurling. Or so many people would have you believe. This book shows the stark contrasts between the two cities, and it is up to you to decide which is truly best.



Clare’s Wild Atlantic Way-0Clare’s Wild Atlantic Way – Patrick G. Ryan

This group of aerial photographs gives you a unique bird’s eye view of the west coast of Ireland. The beautiful landscapes will make you feel like you are there whilst you’re still sitting on your sofa. This book encapsulates the beauty of man-made structures like castles, towers, and lighthouses surrounded by the multi-colours of the Irish fields and ocean.



Edge of Light – Sean CannonEdge Of Light, Sean Cannon

Across the arc of his photographic life, Sean Cannon brings you Achill Island in many different ways. He humanises the island as if it has emotions and these characteristics are shown through his photography and the ever changing light on the edge of the Atlantic.


Dark Ireland – Richard Fitzgerald

A unique perspective on the island, Richard Fitzgerald provides a glimpse into rural Ireland before rural electrification. His dark photographs tell a story of an Ireland forgotten over time, and make us question whether we have ultimately changed as much as we think? These photos show the beauty of the ordinary person in their own home.


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